Monday, August 18, 2008

ONCE A DREAMER is Now Finished!

Hello, everyone! Just popping in to let you know my installment of Champagne's Orphan Train series, ONCE A DREAMER, is finally finished! This book has had a long, hard road. I've been working on it for literally a year, perhaps over a year. Writer's block plagued me for most of that time, and I found myself appealing to the publisher to push my deadline back and back...and back.

I'm so thankful she's so understanding!

Anyone who knows me knows I've had a rough few months. Between being diagnosed with Diabetes, to miscarrying, to losing upwards of 50 pounds, to getting pregnant once again (guess the Good Lord had mercy on me after all), it's been a roller coaster to say the least. I was only able to write this book in small sections, little by little, a few paragraphs here, a scene there. I worried that the book might read disjointedly, like it wouldn't make sense in certain sections.

Fortunately, I did my final read through, and to my surprise, it's actually pretty good! I guess when you're able to step back from a project, you can see it with more objective eyes.

According to my editor, they are going to be pushing this book to be a September release, so I'll be busy busy with edits for the next couple of weeks! But the good news is you won't have to wait too long. :D I should be getting my cover soon, and I'm sure I'll be showing it off when the time comes.

In the meantime, I'm so excited that I'm done! This book has been a source of stress for me, since it took me so long to write it. Now that it's done, I'm flyin' high! Woohoo! Here's the blurb for your reading pleasure. :) Enjoy!


What began as a sham of a marriage soon becomes ‘til death do we part.’

When her adoptive mother dies in a bank shootout, orphan Karina Vadislav is sent to live with Patrick Baker, her uncle in Dodge City, Kansas. After years of abuse, she flees, meeting Benjamin Sawyer, a gambler with a sordid past. He agrees to help her claim her inheritance in Topeka, posing as her husband to keep her safe.

But there are men who are out for Ben’s blood and will stop at nothing to see him dead. Coupled with Karina’s bloodthirsty uncle, neither of them is safe on the trail.

When bullets fly and truths are revealed, will Ben and Karina’s fragile love survive the ultimate betrayal?