Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Once A Dreamer

I must say I've been looking forward to writing this book all year. You see, I had so many more commitments to finish before delving into this one, that I'd almost forgotten about it. But now, those other books are done and out of the way. Now, I can concentrate a bit more on my contribution to the Orphan Train series and I cannot wait!

My book is entitled ONCE A DREAMER, and it follows Karina Vadislav, a young Russian immigrant, who's parents can no longer take care of her in New York City. She rides the train to Oscaloosa, Kansas, eventually ending up in Dodge City over the years where her story begins.

I have a rough blurb I can share with you. I'm not sure how much this blurb will stay intact, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. :)


Karina Vadislav dreamed of a better life on the Orphan Train. She thought she found it with Margaret Henderson. But when her adoptive mother is killed, Karina is left with Margaret’s abusive brother, Patrick Baker. As time passes, Karina finds out that Margaret left her an inheritance, one Patrick desperately wants--by killing Karina in cold blood.

Benjamin Sawyer is minding his own business when he literally runs into a beautiful young woman. Enchanted by her soft Russian accent, Ben agrees to help Karina find a bodyguard. But when he witnesses the brutality of Karina’s guardian, he vows never to let Karina out of his sight.

Yet neither one is prepared for the intense passion that ignites between them. When Karina finds out about Ben’s swindling past, can he convince her he wants her, not her money? And can he protect her from the very man who wants her dead?


I think I'm so excited to write this book because I love Westerns. Anyone who knows me knows how much I flip out over an awesome Western romance, even my own. :P I've never written a smooth-talking anti-hero before, so this should be FUN! :P Poor Ben won't know what hit him. Right now, I don't have much written beyond the opening prologue, but when I get into a book I'm really excited to write, I can get it done pretty darn quick. (Here's hopin' I didn't just jinx myself... lol)

ONCE A DREAMER by Rebecca Goings, coming 2008!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


There are only six months before Champagne Books’ Orphan Train Series hits the shelves. However, before that train pulls into the station there is much to be done. So join our authors – Rebecca Goings, Angela Abate, Kim Leady, Ciara Gold, Lee Ann Ward & Jane Toombs as they discover how their girls deal with the hands life has dealt them, and the pact they made with one another.

1st book – Once A Dreamer, by Rebecca Goings
2nd book – Once A Rebel, by Angela Ashton
3rd book - Once A Vagabond, by Kim Leady
4th book – Once Jilted, by Ciara Gold
5th book – Once Wayward, by Lee Ann Ward
Final book – Once An Outcast, by Jane Toombs