Thursday, September 6, 2007


There are only six months before Champagne Books’ Orphan Train Series hits the shelves. However, before that train pulls into the station there is much to be done. So join our authors – Rebecca Goings, Angela Abate, Kim Leady, Ciara Gold, Lee Ann Ward & Jane Toombs as they discover how their girls deal with the hands life has dealt them, and the pact they made with one another.

1st book – Once A Dreamer, by Rebecca Goings
2nd book – Once A Rebel, by Angela Ashton
3rd book - Once A Vagabond, by Kim Leady
4th book – Once Jilted, by Ciara Gold
5th book – Once Wayward, by Lee Ann Ward
Final book – Once An Outcast, by Jane Toombs

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Jane Toombs said...

After Google rejected me once, I'm here anyway. First they told me aomeone already existed with my jamadots account and to sign in instead. When I tried that I was told that email address did not exist. Sigh. So I used the earthlink one and here I am. Do I use the link you sent to get in again? Jane