Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ONCE A VAGABOND – is now available!!!!

Summer is in the air and what great way to kick it off then with a stack of books to read!

My third book – ONCE A VAGABOND – is now available!!!! It is the third book in the six book series.

Back cover blurb –

2 vows 1 outcome

Abigail McKee vowed revenge. Ethan O’Conner not only lied to her and broke her ten-year-old heart, but also drugged her and then put her on a horrific orphan train. Since then, her life had been nothing but miserable and at times terrifying.

14-year-old Ethan had vowed to keep Abby safe. And although he feared he would never see her again by putting her on the train, he fought back the tears with the knowledge that he had kept his promise to Abby the only way he knew how.

Now ten years later, Ethan is back in Abby’s life as John Cable, Point Reyes Lighthouse’s new First Assistant, and only he knows about their past. Will Ethan risk losing Abby again with the truth? And if Abby learns the truth, will she have the courage to let go of her past and follow her heart?

Currently it is out in Ebook format, but will soon be release in print too. You can order your copy at -

And don’t forget, if you’ve not already, to check out my earlier books – ONE LAST RIDE and ANGELS IN THE WINDOW – available in Ebook format and exclusively in paperback at Champagne Books’ bookstore –

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