Thursday, November 8, 2007

Antique Dutch Oven

Well, I realize that this does not resemble an antique dutch oven, I thought I'd add this image before offering you the dutch oven since our series is all about the train that saw orhpans en route to new homes. While this picture isn't one of a passenger train, it is from around the time period of our stories. This is a logger train from East Texas that's on display at the Ellen Trout Lufkin Zoo. Okay, on to my real story. (grin) The next picture I want to share is that of a dutch oven that was actually hung on the side of a covered wagon that crossed Oklahoma into Texas. It was passed down from my husband's family.

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The second picture shows the number, 12 in. Besides describing the diameter of the lid, the number also determines the number of coals used on top and underneath the oven. An outdoor cook knows to place the number on the lid plus three coals on top of the lid and the number minus three underneath. This formula equates to about 350 degrees if you were to bake something in an oven. I've enjoyed many tasty bisquits done this way. I also love cornbread baked in a dutch oven. Afterwards, settlers would scour the insides with dry sand then oil the insides with mineral oil.

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Good words.

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