Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Writing Rebel...?

Yawza! Looks like we have lots of HOT heros in the works...and OT stories, too!

Here's a little tidbit about Rebel's heroine, Galen Stewart...

Galen is Scottish and longs to return to her grandmother in Scotland. The only person she feels ever really cared about her. Not to give too much away, she writes religiously in her journals per her grandmother's encouragment, and her heart's dream is to become a real author as she has a talent for spinning tales... *clears throat* ...but she fears no one will want to read anything a woman of ill-repute would have to say. But then again, why should she care? If congressman Cady catches up with her, she'll have a California-Collar (hangman's noose) wrapped around her neck faster than a ravenous cobra having corned a field mouse!

...but enough of that...for now.

Let's get back to out heros, shall we?! LOL
Love this pic of Josh...couldn't resist sharing!

ONCE A REBEL, by Angela Ashton coming Jan., 2008

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Ciara Gold said...

That's a really intense picture of Josh. Yum. And again, congrats on "getting her done." LOL