Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A True Story

My heroine is loosely based on a real person. I've yet to write the article. I suppose I'll do that during spring break when I have more time, but one of my mother's dearest friends is the daughter of an orphan train rider. The woman did not have a pleasant time of it when she was adopted and had a very difficult childhood until she turned 18 and left to make her own way. Agnes was to be adopted by a family when she was 5 and rode the ship from New York to Texas, then boarded a train that would take her to this family. The trip took more than a month, but when she arrived, the couple decided they didn't want her. She had to return to the local church rectory, only this time - alone, with no other orphans to keep her company.

Afterwards, she stayed at the rectory until she was at last spoken for. The couple who took her, did so to please the husband's mother as it was she who was taken by the little girl. She spent her remaining childhood with rural folks that treated her more like an indentured servant than a beloved daughter.

I will write more about her life and how my character, Shauna, is loosely fashioned after Agnes when I have time to sit down and do the article justice.


Anonymous said...

What a powerful, emotional story this is going to be. I think the story will resonate with a lot of us because who has not experienced the awfulness of feeling rejected?

Ciara Gold said...

Too true, Gin. I always loved stories that made me cry. Don't know why, but . . .I always wanted to be able to write a story powerful enough to do this for others. This one goes from humorous to touching, but it has a great ending.

Angela said...

This is going to be great!! =D