Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trousseau and doilies

While I never really mentioned a trousseau, two weddings take place during Once Jilted. Actually three if you count the one in which the groom never showed. Regardless, back in the day, it was customary for the girls in a household to begin early on their trousseaus. They would learn to crochet, knit, tat, quilt and embroider. As part of the process, they would create items to decorate a home that would someday be theirs. Pillow cases, dresser scarves, table clothes and dish towels would all go into a hope chest for the future.


Above is a sample from my grandmothers hope chest, a dresser scarf that she crocheted as a child. The close up below reveals the double stitch she used in the pattern.

And while the heroine of Once Jilted, Shauna might not have had a hope chest because of her circumstances, her friend Lora Lee would have.

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