Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost done!

Hi all! I'm almost done with "Once a Rebel"
...only had time for 1 revision, but I'm thinking I do my best work under pressure! LOL ...I guess time will tell, eh?

Last week, I metioned the heartbreak of the OT riders and found something I wanted to share. It's taken from an one OT boy's story:

The eldest of five, Ayler had a younger sister, three year-old brothers and an 18-month old brother. The younger girl, who suffered serious mental damage from successive bouts of whooping cough and diphtheria, was eventually returned to the mother.

"My nickname was Toots, but the twins, who couldn’t pronounce it, called me "Choo Choo"! They were taken to a boys home just around the corner from the Empire State Building along with the baby, while I was sent to the Goodhue Estate on Staten Island. I can still remember when they separated us, the boys crying and pleading, "Don’t go away, Choo Choo." It cuts like a knife, even after all these years."

--UGH! Pass the Kleenex!!

On a lighter note, 'Rebel' has become dear to my heart and I, too, am completely in love with my dashing hero! *heavy sigh*
...A sizzling dreamy hunk, a sultry spitfire temptress, romance, revenge, deceit, betrayal and murder...what could possibly make for better reading? ;)

Until next week...Have a Happy Halloween!

ONCE A REBEL by Angela Ashton, coming March 1, 2008

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