Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The OT Riders

I have to confess, I seldon had a dry eye and a full box of Kleenex during my research for this project.

It's heartwrenching to read how many of these children were ripped away from their siblings.
Most thought there was something wrong with them and they had no idea they were part of the major migration to fill out the west.

The children were told never to try and contact their birth parents (if they had any), dressed up and made to stand in lines so farmers or other potential 'foster' parents could poke at them during their inspection as though they were in the market to buy a good strong horse...many children were mere slaves and weren't much better off than they were on the grueling streets on New York.

The OT movenment brought forth the onset of children's rights... I'll be doing a special article on this subject to go along with the series.

Until next time...

Once A Rebel, by Angela Ashton, coming March 1, 2008

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