Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Rebel & Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all time fav stories. My O.T. story, too, involves the element of revenge, so I was thrilled to find out that the tale was being acted out in theaters during the novels time frame...you can bank on seeing it referenced in the book.! *BG*

I'm finally finished with the first draft. I usually like to go over a manuscrpit SEVERAL times to flesh it out before submitting, but it looks like I will only get 1,--maybe 2 (fingers crossed) chances to do this with the deadline just around the corner.

Not sure if there are any fans of history Channels "Digging for the Truth" out there, but it's my fav TV show and the previous host, Josh Bernstein, was the template for the hero in Rebel. Blame it on the hat (Henry) he wears...oh, and maybe his dashingly dark good looks! I've added a pic, so see for yourself! *Warning, drool bib needed!!*

Until next week...
"Kings to you!" & Happy drooling! lol ;)

Once a Rebel, by Angela Ashton coming March 1, 2008

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Ciara Gold said...

Oh yeah, I've caught a few episodes. Josh is definitely hero material for any writer. Drool. You chose well.